Boosting the 4G signal on the Samsung Inspiration

I got a new Samsung Inspiration because I wanted a phone with a 4G data plan but was disappointed that I couldn't get a 4G signal at my house. I looked at the 4G coverage map and I'm about 6 miles away from an area that has any coverage.

After some research I found out that Samsung used a cheap antenna inside of the Inspiration. I figured that if I could buy some sort of signal amplifier or external antenna maybe there was the possibility of getting a better signal. I looked in the manual for the Samsung Inspiration and found that it doesn't have a connector to add an external antenna.

I spent a few hours playing around with some stuff I had laying around the house and I was able to get a 4G signal without using an external 4G antenna or 4G amplifier!

I put together a free how to e-book tutorial with detailed instructions and a few pictures to help others who are tired of false or incorrect information on 4G coverage maps to get you to upgrade to a 4G premium data plan even though you won't be able to get a signal most of the time.

It will take you just a few minutes to read the e-book and boost your signal without having to take you phone apart or spend more than $3.

Samsung Inspiration 4G Signal booster guide ( .pdf format )